Logical fallacies


According to a recent article from news network RT, previously know as Russia Today, around 92,000 people worldwide possess half the worlds estimated wealth! The article says that there is an estimated $21 trillion dollars safely stored in offshore tax havens with the help of corrupt banks and legislation loop holes that allow for those things […]

Speaking of Twilight and age differences, my mind goes to the movie “13 Going on 30″ starring gorgeous Jennifer Garner. In this movie, Jenna Rink, a 13-year-old girl, is magically transferred into her future 30-year-old selfs’ body. When she wakes up in her new body, not knowing what is going on exactly she looks to […]

” Thank you for your email. I will be voting to stop ACTA as I believe it is a poor agreement that will not achieve the aims it supposedly has, and will also open the door to considerable infringement of liberty. I have received a great deal of correspondence from constituents on the topic of […]

Keeping on the subject of Urban Legends and myths I’d like to talk about another widely accepted urban legend, perhaps THE most widely accepted one! Religion. I’m embarrassed to say I too was once religious but I was.. you know… just a kid! I was still learning about the world, trying to make sense of it. […]

Though I am an atheist it’s only been a few years since I have stopped believing in God, I actually grew up in a christian household though I was never really a very religious person. In fact I only called myself a “christian” because that’s what I grew up to believe, I hadn’t actually accepted […]

Dear _______ Many thanks for your email to Struan Stevenson MEP regarding the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA). As you may be aware, representatives from EU member states have been signing off the agreement and it will now go back to the European Parliament for consent within the next few months. ACTA is what is known […]