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Working out tips

As a follow-up to my tips on healthy eating, here are some tips on working out. Not describing what exercises you should be doing, but breaking down exercising to its very basics. Happy reading. 1. Spending hours at the gym, yet still no results! When you begin to train you have a fixed level of […]

In hope of enlightening some very confused people on dieting!

This article is a collection of knowledge from fitness magazines, health websites and lots of reading on human biology, however I must say that I am not a dietitian or any kind of expert on the subject. With it I am attempting to shed some light into the human body-food relationship in hope of helping overweight […]

Should smoking be banned?

I’ve been thinking lately, there are articles every now and then on newspapers, science journals and TV about some new research on how harmful smoking is, and they make me wonder. If smoking is indeed harmful, and it can become fatal at the worst of cases, couldn’t it be argued that it’s self abuse since […]