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On beauty

My mind often wonders to all those women and girls around the planet with poor self-esteem. The ones that put on layers upon layers of make-up to look “pretty” and still feel insecure about their looks. Even the ones that feel “sure, I may be pretty but I’m nothing special” I had a few conversations […]

Rules, regulations and putting order to Chaos.

I recently started a law course with the Open University and during a tutorial where we were discussing about why we have rules, I suddenly had a revelation and I’d like to share it with you and listen to your opinions. We live in a universe that is ruled by randomness, thus our world is […]

Just playing WordFeud on Android

That was a completely random opponent chosen by the game itself.

Exactly that!

I really like my mind!

With the emergence of iOS, android and help of GPS capabilities on all mobile phones, not only governments can now track you down and observe  your every move, but mobile applications like Grindr made their appearance. The idea behind the endeavour was fascinating and it was something I had thought of as a child, a […]

Kate Middleton topless photos

Why all that fuss over Kate Middletons’ topless photos? Honestly, who gives a fuck? As if you couldn’t get your daily fix of titties on page 3 of The Sun? Or as if you’ve never watched porn, or never been with a woman… Ooh! Now I see why all that fuss… Why didn’t I think […]


Two friends were walking up the river banks when suddenly one of them looks over and sees a baby floating down the river. Without sparing any time to think, he jumps in to save it. Just as he left the baby on the banks and he was about to come out himself, he looks back […]