On beauty

My mind often wonders to all those women and girls around the planet with poor self-esteem. The ones that put on layers upon layers of make-up to look “pretty” and still feel insecure about their looks. Even the ones that feel “sure, I may be pretty but I’m nothing special”

I had a few conversations with such women, and though I was overtaken by how good they looked they though that “Meh, I really don’t look that good”. I disagree! There are many factors on what makes a woman beautiful, and biological traits aside, it’s hugely to do with personal taste. I usually feel that as long as you are slim, and not disfigured, you look good! How good? Well that’s pointless really and I feel this way strongly.


I remember when Angelina Jolie was considered the sexiest woman alive. Biases aside I felt that as gorgeous as she looked I preferred blondes. Did that mean I liked second rate women or something? I like Kate Beckinsale, or Sophie Ellis-Bextor but ask me to choose between them and I will die out of brain overheating if that’s possible.

There is no way to compare between physically and biologically healthy women.

It’s like taking a bunch of spoons with handles of different design each, some of them plain or near plain handles, others gold or silver plated, others with intricate or novelty handles and say that ONLY one of those spoons is good to eat soup out of. Does’t hold, does it? Or even that ONLY one of those spoons is the best to eat soup out of. Which again is wrong as it depends on what kind of spoons you have been used to or have preference towards.


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