Rules, regulations and putting order to Chaos.

I recently started a law course with the Open University and during a tutorial where we were discussing about why we have rules, I suddenly had a revelation and I’d like to share it with you and listen to your opinions.

We live in a universe that is ruled by randomness, thus our world is completely random which is the reason behind the invention of a “Deity”. The ancient Greeks had 12 of them and interestingly enough each and every single one of them had human vices. The Jews have one very mean, sexist, sadistic, insecure intolerant and vengeful God that has drawn influences from ancient Egyptian Gods. He is just like a human being at its very worst. Christianity is a bastardised version the Judaic God with pagan influences, such as the Christmas tree, animal sacrificing, human sacrificing, Jesus, polytheism etc. Muslims have one that can be just as cruel, if not more than the Judaic God and his teachings have been drawn from Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Ancient Greek pantheon and probably more sources.

But the only use of a God, other than using him as a justification of any kind of atrocity, is to be used to explain anything that a human mind which lacks the capacity to fathom this universal randomness and understand how this world works. Anything unexplainable is ascribed to them to bring an illusion of order to the Chaos that runs our world.

Season 5 episode 8 – The Werewolf Transformation, of The Big Bang Theory is about Sheldon not getting his hair cut on time. What is extremely interesting about this episode is his explanation of why he is getting so upset over it! “I have spent my whole life trying to bring order to the universe by carefully planning every moment of every day – but all my efforts: our dinner schedule, my pajama rotation, my bowel movement spreadsheet – it’s clear now; I’ve been wasting my time.”

Perhaps then, our obsessive tendencies, as a relatively new species on the face of this earth that lack meaning and aim (yet) as a society, to carefully dictate and control our behaviour through rules and laws, much like Sheldon obsessively plans out every moment of every day, is merely a way to bring order into the chaos of our lives, and thus stability, security and serenity.

But we are the only animal on the face of this earth with a written set of laws and rules for our species, and yet the rest of the animals enjoy more stability, security and serenity within their own species without one. Now what sort of black magic is that?

Please leave a comment with your opinion, whether you agree with it or not, I’d love to hear your take on it.


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