I really like my mind!

With the emergence of iOS, android and help of GPS capabilities on all mobile phones, not only governments can now track you down and observe  your every move, but mobile applications like Grindr made their appearance.

The idea behind the endeavour was fascinating and it was something I had thought of as a child, a chatting client that would show the position of the person on the earth along with a photo, but not such an exact position as to facilitate serial stalkers in their endeavours to freak out any Tom Dick and Nancy who take their fancy.

Of course in my mind I had thought of it more like a virtual globe with photos on the positions of the people on earth. You could move around this virtual globe and zoom in to areas of interest and see all the people in that area who were using the client. And since Grindr is of little use to me, I have been looking for a “non LGBT” specific client. Everybody welcome Blendr, where you get different features and UI than Grindr, but the very same essential purpose. No not “necessarily” sex and STIs, though these are an unfortunate possibility (the STIs, not the sex. Who in his/her right mind doesn’t love sex?), I meant social networking

Anyway, long story short I created a profile and the SW required me to provide at least one way of verifying myself and prove I am not fake, even though its LGBT specific version (yes it was created by the same person) does not. Fair enough I think and I provide my number to prove I am not a fake, though later I find out that they also need a Facebook account too or a subscription. And what an inspiration that has been for my profiles’ “About me” box.

Why don’t you have a look yourselves:

“I’m just the worst when it comes to filling out those boxes,what with looking for the right way to describe yourself without coming across as vain and big headed while trying to avoid clichés. I’d rather let my interests speak about what sort of person I am. After all, we are what we habitually do.

Apparently my refusal to contribute to better and more effective marketing strategies profiting multinational corporations by my divulging all my private info to Facebook makes me a potentially fake person. So yes, beware ladies!

But I suppose they are right, in the same way that invading a foreign country to take control of its oil reserves and economy under the pretense of world peace makes war waging a humanitarian tool for world peace. Yay for freedom! One world under CCTV!”


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