A follow up on age differences in movies…

Speaking of Twilight and age differences, my mind goes to the movie “13 Going on 30″ starring gorgeous Jennifer Garner.

In this movie, Jenna Rink, a 13-year-old girl, is magically transferred into her future 30-year-old selfs’ body. When she wakes up in her new body, not knowing what is going on exactly she looks to her old schoolmates’ Matt Flamhaff help, played by Mark Ruffalo, who is also 30 but unlike Jenna, his personality is that of his 30-year-old self and not of his 13-year-old self . Over the course of the movie Mark falls more and more in love with Jenna, but is he really falling in love with just her good looks? His fiance is just as good-looking.

Jennas’ 13-year-old personality, charm and spunk, in a 30-year-old gorgeous woman makes, for Mark, an irresistible combination. Jenna however remains essentially a 13-year-old girl in a 30-year-old womans’ body…

You might say “Sure, but she never slept with anyone!”. Be that as it may, the fact is one guy did expose himself to her and gave her a strip show, and Mark was technically grooming her, plus he did kiss her! Does that make Mark a pedophile who is inadvertently taking advantage of her, as she is after all, a “vulnerable” 13-year-old girl?

Also, why do the media go on an on about child molesters yet have no qualms about showing such movies? Isn’t that kind of contradictory to what we are told by the laws of our countries?

PS. Sorry if I seem to rumble on about this subject. I’m a perfectionist by nature and it really pisses me off when people get paranoid over the whole issue and spread their fallacious fears as facts. I am actually neutral when it comes to age differences. As long as there is no malice intended, and within rational and legal limits, age difference, big or small, is fair game.


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