More urban legends!

Keeping on the subject of Urban Legends and myths I’d like to talk about another widely accepted urban legend, perhaps THE most widely accepted one! Religion.

I’m embarrassed to say I too was once religious but I was.. you know… just a kid! I was still learning about the world, trying to make sense of it. Eventually I did make sense of it but religion didn’t so I ditched it!

It wasn’t so much the complete and universal lack of logical cohesiveness through and through, it wasn’t the lies in it, the coercion use of eternal condemnation of your soul to the fires of hell as a way to convince you that the chillier but stricter alternative of what the Bible offers is the best option of the two, or even the unconditional love of God that is conditional upon your continuous praising and offering to him. No, my rejection of it was a result of observations I made and keep making all the time.

For instance in Greece, a predominantly Christian country, at such hard times people still wait for a “messiah” to come and save them all from the eternal flames of the banking system. Churches saw a big increase on follower numbers during the crisis. “More and more people are turning to God” they said.

“And what does God have to offer them?” I ask. Two hands working will do more work than 2 thousand hands clasped in prayer! I can’t stand this apathy anymore. I hear my mother saying all the time over the phone “It’s fine, we got so money coming in, the crop is ok, we’ll manage it! Health above all” No, health should not be above all, freedom should! I won’t stand doing nothing while becoming a slave to the banking system because an imagined deity want’s most of my country men to settle for nothing as long as they are healthy.

In Ireland people still keep killing each other because they are, not of different religion, but of a different denomination! Christians get along fine with the muslims! They only have a problem with the rest of the Christians.

Catholic church, the big hypocrite that it is, still promotes unprotected sex and is thus aiding the spread of AIDS in African countries which to me amounts to racial hatred, genocide and crimes against humanity! The nuns still have to take the pill due to past incident of them getting pregnant! Not to mention the scandals of orgies and sacrifices. Talk about organised crime huh? Did I mention the Vatican is built upon one of the seven hills Rome is built on? Isn’t there a passage somewhere in the apocalypse talking about a beast with seven heads and a whore sitting on one of it?

Another interesting thing is that Jesus, whose birth Christians mistakenly celebrate on the 25th of September, was born during spring! A fact corroborated by the bible! It was in fact during the early days of the Byzantine Kingdom that the then emperor Constantine the Great changed the dates to coincide with the pagan saturnalia. Coincidentally christians, unbeknownst to them, not only mistakenly celebrate the birth of their “Saviour” on the wrong date, but they do it with a pagan object none the less! Yes, the Christmas tree is a pagan symbol and has nothing at all to do with christianity.

Speaking of paganism, Mithra, the persian Sun god was born on the 25th of December and has had a mysteriously similar life with Jesus, who is by some mysterious coincidence often depicted saying “I am the true light”. Might well worth your time having a look for yourself here Jesus as a reincarnation of Mithra.

But the biggest thing that annoys me with the religion is the phrase “Blessed be the poor in spirit” So essentially Yahweh want you stupid! “No” I hear you say? Find me one passage in the scriptures where it actually praises intelligence! Doubt you’ll find one.

I will follow-up this article with more things I have to say but all in good time. In the mean time, have you got any strange facts about christianity you’d like to add? Please, feel free.


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