Religion, Satan and other Urban Legends

Though I am an atheist it’s only been a few years since I have stopped believing in God, I actually grew up in a christian household though I was never really a very religious person. In fact I only called myself a “christian” because that’s what I grew up to believe, I hadn’t actually accepted it because I liked the logic or anything.

Of course as a christian I also used to believe in the existence of Satan along with Yahweh, so naturally there would be a lot of discussing of it too. Lots of made up stories on Satan and 666 us kids, and sometimes adults too, would be discussing between us. And it’s one of those stories I’d like to share with you, only this is not an Urban Legend, that one actually did mysteriously happen.

So I’m at home with my brother, parents and some family friends and we are discussing on the subject of Satanism and 666 sharing “anecdotal” stories about people calling 666, or calling 666 in front of a mirror and other crap like that, quite passionately if I may add. I must have been about 8 at the time. Being of an inquisitive nature naturally I tried it myself right then and there. Took the phone, went in front of the big mirror that we had in our lobby and tried calling 666, but disappointingly nothing exciting happened. Taking the phone back I tried calling 666 again, while not in front of a mirror this time, and that was when it happened and it send shivers through my spine! Couple of seconds in after the dialing, the line actually opened and I heard a mans’ voice addressing a crowd saying “Quite down now my brothers and let us drink our wine!”. The shivers were not because or the voice or of that he said, it was simply because I was convinced that all that was just a big church created myth and nothing would have happened.

Of course I told everyone in the room but as with every Urban Legend or anything extraordinary told by a young kid, no one believed me, although that doesn’t mean it did not happen. It did happen! It might have been a glitch in the system, or a secret way of reaching a mystical society or whatever but it DID actually happen.

PS. I would just like to stress out that I am not actually suggesting that Satanism or any other religion is true!



  1. I am toying with the idea of trying it myself now…

    You’ve placed an idea inside my head and I’m actually considering doing it…and I feel like a child again. I am 36 years old and you brought back that ‘should I do it’ urge we all had when we were young.

    I shall contemplate this and get back to you!


    1. Although it’s not what I had in mind, I’m certainly glad to hear that I’ve managed to evoke such feelings! 😀 Let me know what happens… you know, in this world or by haunting my dreams from the other world 😀

      1. 🙂 So far…I have not! I’ll let it mature first…

        And ‘yes’…you have evoked feelings 🙂

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