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More urban legends!

Keeping on the subject of Urban Legends and myths I’d like to talk about another widely accepted urban legend, perhaps THE most widely accepted one! Religion. I’m embarrassed to say I too was once religious but I was.. you know… just a kid! I was still learning about the world, trying to make sense of it. […]

Religion, Satan and other Urban Legends

Though I am an atheist it’s only been a few years since I have stopped believing in God, I actually grew up in a christian household though I was never really a very religious person. In fact I only called myself a “christian” because that’s what I grew up to believe, I hadn’t actually accepted […]

Reply to my email opposing ACTA from Struan Stevenson MEP

Dear _______ Many thanks for your email to Struan Stevenson MEP regarding the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA). As you may be aware, representatives from EU member states have been signing off the agreement and it will now go back to the European Parliament for consent within the next few months. ACTA is what is known […]

An email to the Scottish MEPs opposing ACTA

“Dear Ian Hudghton, David Martin, Catherine Stihler, George Lyon, Struan Stevenson and Alyn Smith, I write to you in connection with what I personally view as the major violation of our privacy and human rights, the proposed Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement. My view is that the treaty was proposed, after it was negotiated in secret, after […]

Pet peeves…

Pet peeves...

I do hate it when I am at Starbucks enjoying my tea and I suddenly realise the string from the teabag is soaking up tea and making a mess of the table and my trousers!

Lagarde was only half right!

Lagarde was only half right!

Greeks don’t pay their taxes because they don’t have money to do so!

Twilight and age differences in relationships.

Having spend almost 7 years in UK I am sad to say that if an over 30 years old guy was to have a relationship with a 17-year-old girl many would call him a paedophile. If you agree with that, then with all due respect you are stupid as well as ignorant and I would […]