Aspergers: Social ineptitude and intellectual aptitude.

So I got this new idea from a new acquaintance on twitter regarding something that I was always contemplating but never really got down to elaborate on and put it down to words. As I made known by my last post I have aspergers, and though a mild case some of the characteristic proclivities endemic to people with aspergers can be really annoying.

This recent acquaintance, as a remark to a comment of mine, said that I must be really intelligent, to which I replied that this is one way of putting it, but I don’t even know for sure what I am, and it’s not so much a matter of contemplation as much as it is a matter of elaboration and formulation. So with that post I endeavour to put down as elaborate but concise how my aspergers manifests itself and how it aids my everyday life, and I’m hoping to get a few comments from other people with aspergers on the same subject.

  1. One of the biggest advantages of aspergers on my life was brought to life on TV. Gabriel Gray a.k.a “Sylar” played by Sachary Quinto on Heroes offers the best portrayal of how my mind works. According to, “Sylar’s base power, as described by Chandra Suresh, is “intuitive aptitude”, the ability to innately understand and manipulate patterns within complex systems, which initially manifests as a talent for repairing timepieces. As revealed in “One of Us, One of Them“, this power comes with a nearly insatiable hunger for “understanding”” Unfortunately it’s not exactly the same for me. I love to read encyclopaedias and ever since I can remember myself I was always of an intuitive nature, taking stuff apart to see what they are made of and try to understand how they work. But acquiring all this knowledge allows me to perceive the world on a different level and sometimes knowing how things work I intuitively know how things are going to end up. I like knowing the very basic mechanics of something, by that I can deduce the inner workings and be able to anticipate future events. For instance in my article “IN HOPE OF ENLIGHTENING SOME VERY CONFUSED PEOPLE ON DIETING” I explain the very basic mechanics of how the body works in relation with food. Knowing these mechanics gives me the leverage I need to bend the rules and work my way around them to achieve my desired results very easily. Merely from a cursory reading on body language and two years of studying up on human psychology allowed me to read what people are really trying to say and why, even when the conversation is not verbal but written. On my article “ON MEMORY, MIND TRICKS AND WHY I HAVE A FASCINATION WITH VAMPIRES” where I explain in simple terms the inner workings of memory and provide examples describing the process that enable me to retain so many information and memories in my head. Or just knowing what takes place during the cooking of foods I can improve my cooking by working around it, which is the same way Heston Blumenthal cooks too. It’s like all the information I take in by my senses are initially encrypted and the more knowledge I consume the more information I can decrypt. Like things I take in through my senses everyday click together with the things I already know and by making sense everything falls in order. That’s the best way I can describe it so far.
  2. Another one is my thinking in patterns and the ability to make out patterns in everything from speech, text, numbers, behaviour etc, which may be stemming from the above ability or my need for order and things to “make sense” somehow. One of my favourite hobbies is observing, people, animals, nature in general and generally admiring the chaotic ways in which this deterministic universe works. By that constant observation of things and the emergence of patters all the mistakes that do not fit the pattern just jump out on me.
  3. Another benefit that stems from the two mentioned above is a form of empathy, although I might be using the wrong word, in which case please correct me if I’m wrong. I am able after prolonged interaction with a person to learn up to a degree his character, know what he/she would say at a certain situations, his/her reaction etc.

These are a few of benefits I can think of at the moment. I will update it if I can think of anything else, but I’m mostly very anxious to see what other Aspies have to contribute.



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  2. […] Aspergers: Social ineptitude and intellectual aptitude. ( […]

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