So democracy is dead… now what?

After the death of democracy from the continuous political “gang-banging” it has suffered over the last few decades, and since it has failed us, or we have failed it depending on your philosophical point of view, it would be necessary I think to fill the “gap” created (pun intended), not by the gang-banging but by its death, with another political system. Assuming of course the current political system in most of the civilised world was indeed democracy and the political parties competing every few years for your vote were in fact aiming to improve living standards and satisfy all that they promised you in exchange for your vote, and not simply facades funded by and representing multinational corporations that do not care about your well-being but only care in making profit regardless if it’s on your expense.

Democracy in the mean time provided a good illusion that you still had a say, while the dark gears of the system kept of crushing your civil liberties and rights in the name of freedom, security, protection, respect and any other selfless act or idealistic state you can think of while the social elite was trying to come up with ways to enslave the rest of us permanently.

And they did eventually as after the first two world wars, which were if you think about it basically cousins fighting each other, they learned that the threat of a gun or a chain attached to a metal collar on your neck or your ankle is not enough to enslave you. If you try to block a river completely by a dam, no matter how big it is the river will eventually either destroy the damn or overflow and engulf it. But if you start slowly narrowing its path, as long as you keep raising its banks you will keep constricting its path more and more. And they did metaphorically exactly that. They realised that and came to the conclusion that if they give you another illusion, that of your freedom, they can keep using and abusing you under any pretence you are dumb enough to believe. As they say, if you throw a frog in a bowl of boiling water he will jump right out, but if you put him in cold water and start warming it you will end up boiling him alive. So therefore they brainwashed you into associating  money with freedom and by restricting the flow of money made you fight to keep as much of it as you can as hard as you can, like any potential slave would fight to hold on to his freedom. Like pimps getting women hooked on drugs and then making them work in exchange for drugs to satisfy their addiction, we kind of are like their whores whether we like it or not. We are hooked on money and now we are forced to pimp ourselves out to the very same corporations or their subsidiaries that fund and control the very political parties we elect.

Of course nobody can just go out there and do that. It takes years of careful planning and strategic moves. The brainwashing would need taking over of the mass media, like production companies to portray people with lots of money being happy, beautiful, smart, nice etc and people with no money being the exact opposite. The acquisition of the news channels would be necessary too for the production and reproduction of propaganda! As per Hitler, a lie needs to be repeated over and over again and eventually it becomes the reality! Also necessary would be the creation of pseudo-crises from time to time to draw your attention away from the really important things. That is of course when obsessing over the private lives of celebrities and whether or not they got a boob-job or got involved into another scandal is not enough to draw your attention away from watching your civil liberties going down the drain.

But why am I obsessing myself with these things? Who cares if we are free, or if we have privacy, and our kids and grandkids are going to enjoy the same privileges? Slaves don’t need to worry about things like these. They only need to worry whether their masters are happy!

However, having started this article with a view to proposing a replacement political system to replace the deceased democracy which has served well as an illusion of freedom when in reality it was only another way of mass control I propose that we replace it with anarchy! And not the chaotic-everybody-does-whatever-they-want anarchy. Anarchy as a political idea. Anarchy as in lack of “puppet masters”!

Plus if there is ever going to be another gang-bang we will all have a go at it instead of only the ones we have elected and the few that we haven’t but have bought their way into it!


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