Working out tips

As a follow-up to my tips on healthy eating, here are some tips on working out. Not describing what exercises you should be doing, but breaking down exercising to its very basics. Happy reading.

1. Spending hours at the gym, yet still no results!

When you begin to train you have a fixed level of hormones flowing through your body. After about an hour of INTENSE training

The epitome of the male physique!

your testosterone levels have dropped significantly. This leaves the body in a state to which one of the body’s main building or anabolic hormone, which is testosterone is present but in a lower than normal or baseline level. All of the other non-suppressed hormones are now higher on the hormonal scale not because they rose during training but because your testosterone levels have dropped. Furthermore, some of the negative hormones such as cortisol have risen making the balance seem really out of whack. Not Good! Why? Cortisol is the hormone that wants to assist the body by reducing swelling and inflammation; this is why it is theoretically ideal for sports injuries. After you have been training for over an hour or so cortisol the muscle wasting hormone is higher than normal on the hormonal scale due to the drop in your testosterone (anabolic) levels. So answering the question, the longer you workout at anyone time the more likely you are of losing more muscle than you started of with, NOT GOOD!

2. But I train every day, still nothing!

As you just found out being in the gym for hours is not going to do anything for you, but even the next day after leaving the gym having your protein shake your body needs rest. Only when we sleep do our bodies grow, this is why sleeping 8 hours is so important. If we rush our muscles into exercise our mind thinks you want to keep the muscle at that size and turn it into a resistant muscle, which if you want to be bigger resistant muscles are not what you want!

Your metabolism ensures that the calories you consume are burned and food nutrients are processed for your body’s use. If you want to gain more weight, you can take a few steps to slow down your metabolism. Remember that your goal here isn’t to gain a lot of weight in a short time; that can be very unhealthy and may involve eating the wrong kinds of food that will help you pack on the extra pounds.

The first important thing to remember if you want to slow down your metabolism is to eat high-calorie foods. A high amount of calories will help make sure that your body won’t be able to burn them off so quickly. Consider adding more sauces or dressings to your meal, or enjoying extra helpings of food. For health purposes, you can still select healthier food options, such as those containing vegetable fat. Otherwise, refrain from eating anything that contains zero or low-fat. Remember to drink fruit juices or milk throughout your day. This is a simple way to help you feel full and assist in adding to your calorie storage. Long story short again, eat plenty of calories but also just as important space them out into about 6 meals so you are eating high amount of calories be it really food or milk every 3 to 4 hours during your day.

3. Whats testosterone got to do with size, and if this is my problem how do I change this?

Fist up testosterone is super important to size as it controls how big our muscles can grow. Testosterone is high in teens as this is when their bodies are growing, this also affects a guys’ sex drive, more testosterone more quite time.

Raising your testosterone levels can happen if you eat the right kinds of foods. The proteins in eggs and whey allow the adrenal glands to keep the levels of testosterone in the body steady. Eating fruits and vegetables can also have a positive effect on the levels of testosterone in your body. Because fat contains enzymes that convert testosterone to estrogen, having a lot of fat on your body increases your chances for developing low testosterone levels. Eating fruits and vegetables can help you lose fat and also develop a stronger immune system. Eating meat can also help you to raise your testosterone levels. In a research study, one group of participants ate a vegetarian diet while others ate a diet of meat. Those who ate the meat diet experienced an increase in their testosterone levels. The protein in nuts can also be very beneficial for raising your testosterone levels. Studies have shown that nuts, particularly peanuts, can raise testosterone levels better than other foods.

4. I never have time for food, or if I do I eat one or two meals a day!

This is a problem within itself! Food is just as important for gaining muscle as important it is for keeping us awake, alert, focused, fresh, happy. If you eat little you have to expect to be little, simple! If we don’t eat our body will result to eating its own muscle to get energy! So no matter how hard you train that muscle in the gym if you don’t eat all you are doing is providing your body with a snack, THAT SNACK IS YOU!!!

5. I’m always in a rush, can I skip breakfast.

Breakfast is very important! Not only fuel our brains to start our day, it also fuels our body from about 8 hours of sleep, remember the last thing we wanna do is forget about food (see question 4)

6. Do I really need to sleep 8 hours?

As good as, only when we sleep does our bodies grow, less sleep, less grow, really is simple answer to simple question.

7. Protein carbs and fibers? What’s that all about?

Food makes us bigger, simple as that, we can train all we like in the gym but unless we eat more than the recommended minimum of calories a day our bodies won’t grow bigger, protein is nicknamed the muscle repairers, the more protein inside you the more fuller your muscles will end up, take about 2 grams of protein for every pound of body weight you are, carbs are nicknamed the mind fuel, we need carbs to feed the brain and keep everything running correctly and finally fibers nicknamed the body fat food, it helps in losing body fat while also helping with muscle.


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