It’s not about the book, it’s about the reader.

I was talking with a friend last night and at one point, when I mentioned a quality of his that he thought was not easy to identify on him, asked me whether he was “such an open book”.

Back in 2003 the Wachowski brothers wrote and directed a movie which I am sure we are all aware of “The Matrix Reloaded”. In it, a character called “Merovingian”, had an interesting monologue about “causality” and how we are all victims of it.

Let me elaborate on this causality and how it defines who you are. All your experiences in your life, mold your character in a chaotic way, become part of you and function as “experience filters” determining how you are going to perceive future experiences and what effect these experiences will have to your character so far. You are after all a non linear feedback system in which the output constantly redefines the input. Your character is your book, and those experiences the language with which this book is written in.

These experiences constantly redefine your character, attitude, behavior, mannerisms, language, body language, essentially the very essence of you. So therefore the more a person interacts with you, and learns about you and your past the more acquainted he becomes with the “language” this proverbial book is written in! The better the person is at noticing the signs and interpreting them the better skilled he is to “read” you, thus, it’s not about the book, but about the reader!


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