Should smoking be banned?

I’ve been thinking lately, there are articles every now and then on newspapers, science journals and TV about some new research on how harmful smoking is, and they make me wonder. If smoking is indeed harmful, and it can become fatal at the worst of cases, couldn’t it be argued that it’s self abuse since smokers are well aware of the consequences of smoking and they still choose to take the risk and smoke? Just like cutting but without the blood & the pain. At least not immediately when they are doing it, the pain from smoking comes much later.

And if smoking is self abuse, couldn’t it be argued that the non smokers who are made to breath in smokers’ smoke are in fact being abused by the smokers? And in a certain extent the government is in fact allowing it to happen?

So why isn’t it illegal then? The answer I think is simple. It’s not financially wise to ban smoking completely. The government makes loads of money from the taxes, both from the companies manufacturing them & the buyers and from health care for smoking related health issues. Which is why weed is illegal. They can’t tax it. How many people have you seen growing tabbaco plants in their back yards?

So what does the government do to help smokers quit it? Nothing of essence. They supposedly help them with all those “kits” to stop smoking but the truth is that there is a much deeper need fulfilled by smoking. Psychological! The body needs just 9 days of not smoking to get rid of the physical addiction. It’s the mind that needs more time.

Trying to go cold turkey right away will rarely work, and in most cases not only will it prove to be a loss of time but it will aggravate the problem too. What one enjoys the most in smoking is the serenity of the repetition (hand movement) and the security of the familiar. These are the problems that need to be tackled with and not the cigarettes, but the government as always takes the wrong measures to tackle the wrong problem, just so we can’t say that they aren’t doing anything.

There is a reason behind every problem, once you discover the reason, study the mechanics of your body and mind in relation to the problem,then you’ll be able to set out a strategy of how to get rid of it once and for all. Know your enemy they say, that’s what one ought to do!


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